The year was 1996, founder Tim Gerhardt had a child on the way and a spare room in the house, coming off a career with a Fortune 100 company he decided that to provide for his family, a new venture was necessary.

“A phone, laptop and spare room in my home in 96’. That’s what started this business.”
— Tim Gerhardt, Owner of Allpoints, Inc.

Allpoints, Inc. began simply with the family station wagon, a ladder and a selection of hand-tools. A spare room with a laptop and a phone, cold call to cold call until the right opportunity arose and propelled the business forward to what it is today. Ever since the beginning the goal of the business was to provide economical, fair service and to treat the customers as if they were the only customers.

From exclusively HVAC services Allpoints, Inc. expanded and grew into a number of other services including piping/sheet metal, design/build/retrofit and installation. Today, Allpoints owner Tim & his team cooperate with businesses from a variety of industries including healthcare, food service, industrial and commercial.

With over 23 years of experience Allpoints is your go-to for any building service needs.